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Community Involvement
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Community Involvement

Take a look at what other members of the community have been getting up to reduce their carbon footprint.

ZoomDeveloping a garden

"We've been gardening and planting trees here for 30 years, and when we started we honestly didn't think about the climate change implications.Over the years, however, we've realised that what we're doing is not only giving pleasure and sustenance to ourselves and others (including the birds and bees), but really is helping "carbon sequestration". It would be nice to think that we could one day actually sequester more than we emit. We'll certainly keep trying."

Rosa Steppanova and James MacKenzie, Lea Gardens 

Growing your own veg

Zoom"I am fairly new to gardening. I have been fortunate to find a home with a reasonable sized garden, enclosed by dry-stone walls and some fairly old trees. It included an overgrown area which, I was told, was once a magnificent vegetable patch.It was quite a daunting task to tackle it, but over the last couple of years I have managed to invest more time and effort into the area and have managed to produce some good tasty crops.Gardening and growing your own is good for many reasons. You can help local and visiting wildlife through providing habitats and refuges.From working the soil, you can benefit the organisms which live there and help your own health and wellbeing (once you've gotten through the backache!). You can bring benefits to relationships and folk through sharing your produce. On a grander scale, from reducing your carbon footprint associated with food miles, packaging and the likes, you can even help tackle climate change".

Helen Moncrieff, Scholland