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Community Groups

ZoomWith increasing environmental awareness amongst funders, there has never been a better time to improve your environmental credentials and you may even be able to access funding to make energy saving improvements. Shrinking your carbon footprint can reduce your running costs, improve your local environment and increase community involvement.

If you have a hall or meeting place, why not try our Energy Walk Around checklist. Focusing on energy use, waste and office equipment, these checklists suggest zero or low-cost carbon saving initiatives that are easy to implement.

There are a number of organisations which can support community groups in reducing their carbon footprint. You will find links to these organisations and more in our Links section.

You can begin saving today with these simple measures:

Leave the car

Consider starting a car sharing scheme with members who live in your area. Or if your meeting place is nearby why not start a walking or cycle buddy scheme.

ZoomTurn it off

Walk around your meeting place turning off any lamps and equipment that aren’t needed. You’ll be amazed at how much carbon and money this can save.


Consider switching all your bulbs to energy efficient ones and when replacing appliances and equipment look for those with a good energy rating. This simple change can make big savings.