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Cavity Wall Insulation
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Cavity Wall Insulation

ZoomMost homes built after 1930 have external walls created by two separate layers, with an air filled cavity between them. If your home has unfilled wall cavities you could be loosing up to 35% of the heat from your home.

Cavity wall insulation addresses this loss by filling the gap between the two walls with an insulating material. It is injected into the cavity from the outside, usually taking just two or three hours. Cavity wall insulation should pay for itself within two or three years and reduce your carbon footprint by around 610kg annually.

Over 70’s and people on certain benefits may be eligible for free cavity wall insulation. Contact the Energy Saving Trust free on: 0800 512 012 to see you if you are eligible.

Please note that Cavity Wall Insulation was fitted in most houses built after 1990 from new and is also not suitable for timber or steel framed houses.