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Carbon Reduction Links
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Carbon Reduction

Below are some links you may find useful.

Act on CO2
News and information on carbon reduction.

Act on CO2 calculator
Carbon Calculator to work out you or your households carbon footprint.

Information on energy and waste reduction and transport for individuals, businesses, schools and community groups.

Choose Another Way
Information for individuals and businesses on alternative travel options.

Climate Challenge Fund
Government funding for community groups with carbon saving ideas.

Community Energy Scotland
Independent charity, supporting and funding community groups to develop sustainable energy schemes.

Eco Schools
Inforamtion for pupils and teachers on the Eco-Schools scheme.

Schools Global Footprint
Online resource for schools who would like to reduce their global footprint.

Energy Saving Trust
A non-profit organisation providing free, impartial advice on all aspects of energy saving measures . Information tailored to households, businesses and public sector and communities.

Go Greener
Information on all aspects of working towards a more sustainable Scotland.

If you care, share
Free to join car share network operated by HITRANS and ZetTrans.

Met Office
Information on climate change and how it affects us.

Recycle Now
Provides advice and tips on recycling and composting.

SIC Waste and Cleansing Services
Information on Council-run green initiatives.

Information and timetables for all Shetlands internal public transport, including busses, ferries and planes.

For anyone who wants to learn more about Shetland.