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Building Maintenance

In addition to project and salvage work, the Architectural Heritage Team also spend much of their time maintaining the buildings owned and operated by the Trust, as well as many other community buildings, monuments and facilities.

Architectural Heritage Team carry out repairs to the Quendale Mill Architectural Heritage Team carry out repairs to the Quendale MillZoomMaintaining Trust Properties

The nine camping Bod buildings, four lighthouse cottages, Museum and Archives, and Trust offices are just a few of the properties that the team are responsible for maintaining. The Trust owns or is responsible for the maintenance of a range of other buildings such as the Woodlands glasshouses, Museum store, Enviroglass factory, Crofthouse Museum, and workshops. Some Trust controlled properties are used by community groups but maintained by the Trust. These include Quendale Water Mill and The Bod of Gremista, which houses the Shetland Textile Working Museum.

Community Work

Shetland Bus Memorial in Scalloway Shetland Bus Memorial in ScallowayZoomMany of Shetland's older public buildings and monuments are maintained and repaired by the Architectural Heritage Team. The nature of the original building materials and techniques require specialist skills only available locally within the Team.

Fishing Disaster Memorials at Gloup and Delting are looked after, as are the Shetland Bus Memorial in Scalloway, the White Wife in Yell and Swedish Fishermans' Memorial in Unst. Other archaeological sites including the Hagdale Horse Mill in Unst, and the Huxter Water Mills in Sandness also fall under the care of the Team.

Community Museums such as Unst Heritage Centre and Scalloway Museum call on the team for their upkeep, following the extensive renovation work they carried out on both of these properties as they were converted into museum use.

Shetland Islands Council contract Shetland Amenity Trust to carry out repairs on several local authority buildings, including Lerwick Town Hall. Repairs have been carried out to the stonework and consultation has taken place regarding repairs to the stained glass windows.