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Around the Home

There are many ways we can save energy around the home, pledge to carry out all of the following changes through our eco-home pledge, or pick the pledges most suited to you.

ZoomUse low energy bulbs

Pledge to switch all your bulbs to low energy. Not only will each energy efficient bulb save you an average of 50kg of C02, but will also last around ten times longer than a traditional bulb, saving you money.

Save water

The more water you use the more has to be heated and waste treated, so pledge to swap one bath a week for a shower. Even a long shower only uses about a third of the water of a bath.

ZoomBoil what you need

To save money and the environment, pledge to only fill the kettle with the water you need. When you replace your kettle, consider a hob top kettle instead of an electric, as these are far more efficient, and could save you money in the long run.

Green laundry

Your washing machine uses most of its energy heating water so washing at lower temperatures can make a big difference. Shorter cycles also help and, of course, only use when you have a full load. Pledge to use a 30° wash as your regular setting and switch to a shorter cycle to reduce your washing machine’s power consumption by 30%.

ZoomEco dry

When you’ve washed your laundry, think about how you’re going to dry it. Did you know a single cycle of your tumble dryer can produce 1.5kg of C02? Consider hanging your washing outside or using a drying rack instead. Pledge to avoid the tumble dryer unless absolutely necessary and watch your carbon footprint shrink.

Turn off appliances

Leaving appliances on standby can account for a massive 10-15% of the total electricity consumption of your household. This energy consumption is so great new household appliances are being manufactured without a standby button. Get ahead of the game and pledge to turn off all appliances fully.

Turn off lights

You’ll be amazed at how much carbon and money you can save by switching off any unnecessary lights.

Turn down the heating

Pledging to turn down your room thermostat by just one degree saves around £55 and 230kg C02 a year.