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A call for ‘Pre-loved’ leaflets

Published: 22 October 2019

Pre-loved leaflets Shetland Museum and ArchivesShetland Amenity Trust are encouraging local people, businesses and visitors to help them collect up visitor information leaflets so they can be re-used.

The Shetland Amenity Trust produces a popular range of visitor information leaflets covering a variety of topics and different areas of Shetland.   The leaflets are often read and used by a visitor during their stay and then left behind when they leave, often sitting on shelves or put in the bin. 

The Trust are launching a ‘pre-loved’ leaflet initiative to encourage people to return used leaflets to them.  The team will then sort through the leaflets and any that are still in good condition will be put on display for the next visitor.  The Shetland Islands Council - who support the Trust in printing the leaflets - have agreed to recycle any leaflets that cannot be re-used. 

The idea came from the Visitor Services team at the Shetland Museum and Archives which is operated by the Shetland Amenity Trust.  The Shetland Amenity Trust already runs a variety or environmental improvement initiatives including Da Voar Redd Up and the anti-litter campaign ‘Dunna Chuck Bruck’.  Sandy Middleton, Head of Engagement at the Trust said, “We are always looking for ways to reduce waste and encourage re-use and recycling.  The idea of a ‘pre-loved’ leaflet return scheme is a great way to help us achieve this.  Even though visitors now find a lot of their information online, the leaflets remain really popular.  Putting used leaflets back into circulation is a great way to reduce waste and also to help us manage our dwindling supply of leaflets.”

The Shetland Amenity Trust will accept any Shetland visitor information leaflets, even if they are not ones produced by the Shetland Amenity Trust.  They can be dropped off at the Amenity Trust offices at Garthspool or at the Shetland Museum and Archives.